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UFC 2 | PS4

UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
UFC 2 | PS4
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  • Release date: 17 Mar. 2016
  • Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
  • Rated : Ages 16 and Over 
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UFC 2 Highlights;

  • Knockout Gameplay - A revolutionary new physics-driven hit reaction and knockout system.
  • Unmatched Character Visuals & Fighter Roster - EA SPORTS UFC 2 offers the deepest ever roster of any fighting simulation, featuring a mix of MMA's biggest stars and brightest up-and-comers.
  • A Mode for Every Fight Fan - The first-ever "Ultimate Team" experience in a 1v1 fighting game.
  • Tools to Master MMA - Mastering the art of grappling can be an intimidating pursuit.
  • Fans who own EA SPORTS UFC and buy EA SPORTS UFC 2 will get Day One Access to Bruce Lee for 

Description from Manufacturer ( Mentioned Above ):


    EA SPORTS UFC 2 innovates with stunning character likeness and animation, adds an all new knockout physics system and authentic gameplay features, and invites all fighters to step back into The Octagon to experience the thrill of finishing the fight.

    The game delivers an experience for every fight fan, including five brand new game modes, a revamped career mode which introduces the option to create female fighters for the first time in a UFC game, and a new title chase system for online championships. No matter what kind of fighter you are, there’s a mode to match your style of play…finish the fight with devastating knockouts in the all-new KO mode, create and customise a team of champions in UFC Ultimate Team, or craft your dream fight card in the Custom Event Creator. EA SPORTS UFC 2 has a mode for every fight fan.

    All along the way, EA SPORTS UFC 2 is in your corner with all the tips and tools to master MMA. You’ll be fighting like a pro by hitting the gym in practice mode or following the visual cues in grapple assist, an in-game display to guide you through takedowns, submissions, and much more.

    From the walkout to the knockout, EA SPORTS UFC 2 delivers a deep, authentic, and exciting experience.

    Knockout Physics System 

      A revolutionary new physics-driven hit reaction and knockout system delivers more visceral, more rewarding, and more authentic KOs than ever before. Every knockout is now unique, and finishing the fight has never been more satisfying.

      Next-Level Submissions

        Surprise your opponent with a flying armbar from the clinch, or with a quick transition from a knee bar to a heel hook. The addition of standing submissions and submission chaining (sequences) takes EA SPORTS UFC 2’s grappling game to the next level.

        Dynamic Grappling

          For the first time in any MMA game, experience the freedom of independent fighter control in every grappling situation. Simultaneous two-fighter interaction brings the ground game to life with greater responsiveness and variety.

          Ultimate Defense 

            you can’t hurt what you can’t hit. Greater control over your fighter’s head movement lets you slip and dodge incoming strikes with amazing fluidity. Add an improved blocking and parrying system to the mix and you have new tools to fend off your opponent’s most devastating attacks.

            Unmatched Character Visuals & Fighter Roster

              Ultimate Fighter Likeness & Animations -

              Out to defend its title as the undisputed champion of sports-gaming visuals, EA SPORTS UFC 2 ups the ante again.

              A new facial modeling rig, the introduction of hair physics, and improved strike deformation work to make every impact more realistic than ever.

              Thousands of fighting and signature animations bring personality and a new level of athleticism to MMA’s stars. You’ll recognise Conor McGregor’s high hook kick, Ronda Rousey’s patented pre-fight bow and stomp, and many other moves bringing personality to fighters.

              Biggest Ever Roster –

              EA SPORTS UFC 2 offers the deepest ever roster of any fighting simulation. Featuring a mix of MMA’s biggest stars and brightest up-and-comers, step into the Octagon as current and former UFC athletes, MMA legends, and maybe even a couple surprises.

              A Mode for Every Fight

              Career Mode Depth & Authenticity

                Training Camp: An all-new training camp system makes preparing for each fight a balancing act between developing your fighter’s abilities and risking an injury that could make your next bout even more challenging.

                Female Fighters: For the first time ever in a UFC game, create a female fighter in career mode and guide them to UFC greatness.

                Career Defining Moments: Start in the ultimate fighter, then move on to fight authentic contenders as you progress in your pursuit to be a UFC Champion.

                Encounter career-defining moments that will deliver heightened atmosphere and put more at stake inside the Octagon.

                UFC Ultimate Team

                  The first-ever “Ultimate Team” experience in a 1v1 fighting game.

                  Create your team of up to five fighters in different weight classes using EA SPORTS UFC 2’s deep customisation options.

                  Compete in online or offline competitions to progress your fighters and earn coins.

                  Collect coins to buy packs which deliver special items used to boost fighter performance.

                  Customise your fighters with items from packs which improve or change moves, attributes and perks – all of which work together to sculpt your team members into the most explosive in the UFC.

                  KO Mode

                    With no grappling to worry about, unleash the punches, kicks, knees and elbows in this fast, fun, and furious mode; perfect for any fan looking to let the fists fly against their friends. The rules are simple…the fight doesn’t stop until someone gets starched!

                    Live Events –

                    Predict. Play. Win.

                    Pick which fighters will win real matchups in upcoming UFC events and then bring those predictions to life inside the virtual Octagon. Win in-game rewards and propel yourself up the leaderboards of the most immersive fantasy prediction game you’ve ever played.

                    Create a fighter – Taking character customisation to the next-level, EA SPORTS UFC 2’s fighter creation tool goes deeper than ever with robust facial sculpting, tattoo customisations and for the first time, the ability to create female fighters. Players can also sculpt their own GameFace uploads to perfection…before they get touched up in the Octagon.

                    Online Championships

                      Step into the online Octagon for an all new Title Chase. Compete with your favourite fighters and test your skills against other warriors from around the world.

                      Go on a win streak to earn a title shot in your division and defend the belt as long as you can. With an updated division progression system, as well as an all-new title chase and featured fighter system, you’ll have more reason than ever to build your online legacy.

                      Custom Event Creator – UFC events deliver excitement at every turn and picking the fight card is at the heart of creating one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the world.

                      Step into the shoes of a matchmaker and build the fight card of your dreams by choosing from hundreds of mixed martial artists. Select iconic venues, authentic referees, and custom fight settings, then play the event from start to finish and make sure the results live up to the hype.

                      Happy Gaming everyone

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