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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you will need to create your account first to place orders, creating account is too simple and take maximum 2-4 minutes. creating account have a lot of advantages as you can use your reward points, track your order, printing your invoices, download your downloadable contents and much more! 

You can watch this small video on how to create your account fast and secure.

You can watch this small video for how to place your order and receive your digital code or you can follow the steps below after the video

If you don't have account Please follow this instruction to create one 

  • First step click on "Register" button at top right

  • Then fill every data in this page with real information
    Note : Put You Phone number Without First 0
    Example : +20 1023456789
    (Note every data followed by red asterisk means it must be fill can't be empty)

      • then you have to  :
        1- mark on "I'm not robot" and
        2- mark on"I have read and agree to thePrivacy Policy "

        3- then click on "Continue" button 

        • After you create your account successful then you will redirect to this page to choose your product to order it 

        • Move your mouse on the Product then choose " Buy Now "

          • after you choose your product your cart change with number of your product that have been chosen 
          • then click on "Checkout" button

          • in Billing Details: please put your Name and Your address correctly 
            (Note every data followed by red asterisk means it must be fill can't be empty)
          • then click on "Continue" button
          • In Deliver Option: You can choose your existing address that you write it in Billing Details or you can choose another address from then click on "Continue" button

          • In this option you will choose how can you receive your order if you come to pick it up from our store or we will shipped it to you within 2 or 4 working days after you choose click on "Continue" button
          • In payment Method in this option you can choose how you want to payment then mark on (I have read and agree to the terms and condition) and then click on "Continue" button

          •  The last step is review your order and know how much you will payed then click on "Continue"

          Congratulation your order has been placed

          We accept multiple payment methods, It differ depend on the country and region, Mainly we accept cash on delivery, all Major credit cards, Fawry, PayMob Accept, Smart Wallets, PayPal and Bank transfer.

          We have multiple shipping methods, all of them to aim fast and accurate delivery to our customer, we have our delivery team which cover all over Cairo and deliver most of the orders next business day, also we have partner ship with other shipping companies to cover all over the world like DHL, Aramex and Egypt Post.

          Physical Items could be shipped in multiple methods you can choose your preferred one, starting from Pickup which cost nothing for you and it mean you will place your order and come to our office to collect your order with 2 business days - Pickup order expired automatically after 2 business days, Also Express shipping inside Cairo only which mean you will receive your order next business day if you place your order before 6 PM excluding Friday, Saturday and Official Holiday. Still we have economy shipping which cost less and take 2-4 business days for delivery excluding Friday, Saturday and official holiday, Finally if your order exceed 1500 LE you can enjoy free shipping in most States of Egypt not all and order will be delivered within 5-7 business days excluding Friday, Saturday and official holiday.

          Express shipping Conditions;

          A- In Case you placed your order On Thursday before 6:00 PM, your order will be packed and became ready for shipping on Thursday, and will be Shipped on Saturday and you will receive it Next business day of shipping date which mean you will receive it on Sunday.

          B- For orders placed from Thursday @ 6:00 PM to Sunday 6:00 - all order placed in this period of time packed and shipped on Sunday and delivered next business day which mean it'll be delivered on Monday.

          C- Same conditions on Official holidays, Orders packed and shipped first day after the holiday and delivered next business day.

          Usually we deliver all orders inside Cairo Next business day, for all other areas all over the world the period of time differ according to the distance and item weight and receiving country, for example all other stats inside Egypt regard less Cairo item delivered within 2- 4 Days, Europe and Middle east item delivered within 4 -10 days, USA and Canada item delivered within 7 -15 days.

          Whatever the receiving area our system will show you an estimate delivery time in checkout while placing your order, and we recommend to write down your detailed full address and reachable mobile number for fastest delivery.

          You will receive you Digital code instantly for approved and confirmed account once you pay by your credit card, In very rare case it may take up to 24 hours to add code if your order need more security check or If the codes for the items you bought sold out from the server and we are restocking it which take some time.

          You can find your Digital code at my account download or at your email inbox 

          customer can pre-order the item and we will ship and deliver this item to the customer on release date ( mentioned in the product page ) once stocked to our warehouses ( usually stocked on Release date or after within 2-30 day ), we try to accurately estimate the price of the pre-order item but as the nature of the pre-order most of time this price will be changed once we received the stock and calculate all the import fees and shipping and cost of the item itself so in a very rare cases we can't estimate the pre-order price so we list the item with zero value so customer can pre-order his item early and we mentioned on the product page that this item still a pre-order and will be available on release date so customer know well the item is still a Preorder item; We guarantee the lowest pre-order price ( excluding the zero value for unknown estimated price ) from the day of ordering to the day of shipping or picking up this order which mean customer will pay the lowest price we list in the pre-order period of time even if the customer place his order with a higher price - in case of paying online or by credit card price difference will be added to the customer account

          It is points earned with every order you made, the points determine automatically according to your account and your previous orders completed and also added to your account automatically after your order completed 

          When you place new order, you can use these points and turn it into discount.

          Ex: if you have 10000 points and you order product with 1000 L.E so you can take 100 L.E discount 

          So how you can use these points?

          When you choose your product and add it in your shopping cart then go to "View cart" in view cart click on "Use Reward Points" then write down the amount of your reward points you want to use it then go to check out 

          there are two cases that customers not take or gain reward points when finished order

          First case:  when customer place order and use his reward point to take discount this order won't give you reward points 

          Second case: when you place order in promotion discount time like white Friday discount

          Note: percentage of reward point vary from 50 % to 100 % according to your previous orders and customer group 

 has all rights to terminate or change reward points program at any time.


          You can find it in each related product description 

          Important note: all our codes are officially genuine imported direct from publishers and it's working perfectly, So please consider the following steps: 

          1- Make sure that your account country match the digital code country as most of digital codes are region locked and could be redeemed only in the same country account.

          2- Please be aware the all codes are case sensitive it means W not equal w

          3- Make sure you write the correct digits of the code in the redeem field and avoid confusion between I and L, 0 and O and so on.


          We accept returns of new items within 14 days, In the same new conditions we ship it to the customer or in case of dead on arrival or manufacturing defect for full return policy you can read our return policy

          Yes, we have trade in 

          Note: If your order was digital code so you have an option called "Digital Code download" to Download your code instantly after you pay

          1-    after you choose your product and making check out in step 5 you have to choose "Fawrypay" then mark on "I have read and agree to the terms and condition" then click "continue" 

          2-  Check the total amount you have to pay it with "FawryPay" then click "Continue"

          3- You will redirect to this page please select "Pay by Fawry" and click on "Confirm"

          4- click  " confirm order "

          5- Assume you choose "Pay with FawryPay" then you will redirect to this page here Fawry is going to send you a message with the total amount you have to pay and your reference number that you have to show it to a Kiosk or Fawry Branch (any nearest Fawry Kiosk or Fawry Branch) then you have to click "Close"  to complete your order confirmation 

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Frequently Asked Questions


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