What is the region and what's the differences

In this blog we will talk about the most important question puzzling anyone who wants to buy a gaming console , especially the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Which region I should buy?

First, we need to know the meaning of the region and why they create it: Region means specific area or group of countries and Sony decided to divide the media into areas where it was operating, So they can knows the value of its sales and the number of devices exported to this area.

Regions originally was 6 regions as map show above in the picture and the most important regions are the first 4 and each region of the four dedicated for a specific area in the world as shown in the map.

R1 – Bermuda, Canada, United States and U.S. territories

R2 – The Middle East, Western Europe, Central Europe, Egypt, French overseas territories, Greenland, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland

R3 – Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan

R4 – Australasia, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Oceania, South America

R5 – The rest of Africa, Former Soviet Union, the Indian subcontinent, Mongolia, North Korea

R6 – Mainland China

Each region manufactured according to the specifications required for the area and there is no difference between them definitively as material and components but the difference in the location meaning that the difference between the region 1 and the region 2 that the region 1 American electrification voltage lower than the region 2 European and Middle East and currently in most of the US devices they add a dual voltage capacitor and the device could work from 110v to 220v But the raw materials of manufacturing and the shape is not different, Consoles manufactured for Egypt or the Middle East is region 2, because the device dedicated to our area still sometimes you can find region 3 or 1 in the market. So we almost explained the difference between the region.

The second question is: Will it work or not ?

For example, I bought region 1 console, which is the American version, and I live in Egypt and use it normally, but I bought a region 2 disc. The game will work without any problem or conflict as the console region is different.

Ok, what is the difference regarding the game region!! first console region will not make any difference cause any problem, the issue appeared when you have PlayStation store account region different than the game region and this will cause an issue in only one scenario, If you like to have a DLC ( downloadable contents ) from the store which mean you will buy addition contents for this game from the PlayStation store; In this case your account region must be same region of the game CD to get the DLC work probably.

Conclusion:  If you buy region 1 game it's ok simply create another account and select the country USA in case you like to buy DLC for this game, But for the console EgyNewTech advice you to buy only Region 2 consoles.

Happy Gaming everyone

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