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It is said that the number of players exceeds 20 Million players the division, this is after two years from releasing the game. Ubisoft Decided to learn from the mistakes of the past imagine that the number is incrementable.

We almost explained that we were talking about which game and about the epic we are all waiting for

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Official Release: March 15, 2019

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Massive Studio

A cooperative online game from the perspective of a person who combines the players to finish the tasks after the outbreak of a deadly epidemic in the city of Manhattan and became the goal is only survival .. The game moved after 7 months to the city

Fallen and destructive Washington and the world is almost on the verge of falling into the abyss .. People live in the biggest crisis faced by man. The players play the role of the Division as a veteran elements to stop the collapse of the community of hostile factions who are trying to control the city and is known that the capital fell the nation will collapse completely .. After two years of listening and learning from the community, the second part has developed a fundamental story with dramatic details to provide a deeper experience for all players

The developer of the game talks about the game and said that the players are in the story stage and they can develop it

The White House is turning it into an operations center for them. It is divided into 3 sections

Medical Suite, Technical Suite and Security Suite

We talk about the difference between the first part, which was a winter event in the city of Manhattan was covered with snow, the second part will be in the summer after 7 months in the American capital Washington and the transition to the opportunity to give a different story is that the community has become more experienced and ready and accept the idea of ​​survival and adaptation With the events and the continued suffering of the groups who accept them in the streets, unlike the first part, the society was dealing with the disaster a reaction because they wasn't understand what happens

One of the dazzling points in the second part is that they used it with data and geographic information about Washington DC as it was the playing area in the second part.

And confirmed that they will be identical in a dramatic and in a similarity of the streets and buildings everywhere in the city is still in place and recording the sounds of the city and put the microphone in places, whether in parks or streets and forests. Among the points advanced by Washington.

The residential areas taken by survivors are a strategic place to defend themselves from groups, The main headquarters of the Division and government areas, Historic areas with well-known landmarks in Washington, The complexes and markets that have been robbed from gangs and groups at first are all described in detail in the second part

"The enemies are divided into 3 types"

Faithful Sons: A quasi-military force characterized by intelligence and organization that will give him the experience of combat and tremendous firepower

Led by a former officer in the joint band known for its cruelty and cunning

Hyenas: A small, organized, opportunistic group attacking the camps of vulnerable civilians by violence and intimidation, by stealing anything that can be stolen and destroying everything just by depriving others of resources led by a group of the most powerful gang leaders

Outcasts: Hardcore quarantine survivors score their ultimate revenge for causing them to be imprisoned in a brutal end

And retaliation against society because they were allowed to be forcibly imprisoned by a person who believed that everyone was an accomplice and all enemies and should be punished without discrimination

"Dark Zone"

One of the most important places in the game is a player zone against a possible player just what you enter kills either of enemies or real players inside but only outside the real players can not kill you

There are three different areas you can visit: the East, the West and the South, The region hosts 12 players

Exciting details from the second part we were the second after we enjoyed the first part, and although Uday two years to issue, but in the people of the time has been tediously tired

We hope the second part will be based on the expected expectations based on the opinions of the people who tried the beta; And the words of the developers of the game

Note: The game is coming dubbed in the Syrian dialect

Happy Gaming everyone

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